Causes Why Your PPC Expedition is Not Working Out

Causes Why Your PPC Expedition is Not Working Out

Google is losing advertisement income. Causes are companies are using “PPC” (pay per click) SEO expeditions. While many believe this failure to generate revenue through a PPC campaign on the search engine, Google is not to blame.

Blaming Google for an unsuccessful and much costly PPC expedition is not going to take you anywhere. Upon initiating the campaign, the search engine facilitates you with every tool you need. You have your site indexed on the top of the SE results page, thus providing you with the chance to get the maximum number hits to your website. The Pay Per Click promotional model is how Google gets income; the company is not naive. They have every reason to see you successful.

I like to give a specific analogy regarding this topic: blaming Google for worst PPC Optimisation result is like blaming your friend for setting you up with a dream date that you then went on to destroy by throwing pasta everywhere. So how can you maximise your possibilities of fetching a greater sum of ROI from this promotional model?

There are a few procedures to do so:

  1. Have a site that is easy to drive. Remind that the main purpose of people using search engines is to get information. If they don’t get the information they want within few moments redirecting on your site, they will leave.
  1. Don’t make your website look too busy.Putting too many diverting activities on your website is going make your site difficult to figure out. Every video on your website is going to distract the guests from their main cause of visit.
    If you want to add video on your site, one should do it. Just make sure that the video it is directed towards educating the visitor about your product.
    Moreover, the video should be small and relevant. There is nothing weird than having difficulties contacting an administration because their video is too large and it’s hard to direct around it. While you’re at it, try to make a choice for the guests to close the window. This way, they can focus on buying the product.
  1. Make sure your description tag is appealing. When the serious purchasers find the specific keyword which prompts your site to be displayed in the promotional section, keep your description authentic instead of trying to publicise your association. Let’s use an insurance company as an example:
    Example of a worst publicity sentence:
    “We are Houston’s top insurance providers. Check our uncompeteable prices today!”
    Example of an impressive advertising tag:
    “Houston based insurance carrier focusing on car, life, health, property & casualty.”
  1. Avoid Opening Flash Sequences. Opening flash sequences are an annoyance. The name of the game is to make the visitor have the information they need readily available. This type of opening just prolongs the sequence for the buyer and heightens the risk for a costly bounce. This is not to mention that Google cannot read flash. A flash intro will have absolutely no positive effect on an SEO campaign.