affordable SEO services in Sydney

Debunking Common Myths About SEO

While SEO has been used as an effective tool in digital marketing for many years now, many business owners still do not fully understand the concept, which leads to misconceptions. In this article, we’ll be debunking some of the most common SEO-related myths!

SEO Services Are Expensive

Many business owners are put off by investing in SEO services as they believe them to be very expensive. But SEO audits and SEO maintenance services do not have to be that expensive. There are many affordable SEO services in Sydney to choose from, and when you look at the multitude of benefits offered by these services, you’ll come to realise that they are well worth the investment.

affordable SEO services in Sydney


SEO is Easy, and I Can do it Myself

Many business owners handle their own SEO, and while you could technically do this as well, you should not think it is simple and easy. Most SEO specialists have years of experience and have taken multiple courses in digital marketing. The other thing you need to remember is that algorithms are forever changing, and SEO professionals must stay up to date to offer their clients the best results.

Results can be Instant!

Beware of any SEO company that offers you instant results. This is simply a false promise, as SEO does not work that way. When it comes to waiting for your SEO results, you need to be patient and play the long game, as most times, you’ll have to wait months to see the results you were hoping for, but it is certainly worth it!

SEO is All About Keywords

Many people that are not that familiar with SEO practices make the assumption that SEO is all about keywords. While keywords do play an important role in cohesive and effective SEO, there are several other practices that are just as important such as backlinking, reducing page speeds, and more. The use of keywords is also very nuanced. For instance, overstuffing keywords can actually be detrimental. Keywords need to be placed carefully and naturally.

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